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Kaila Devi Fair

The Kaila Devi Fair is one of the most important fairs in Rajasthan state. There is something primordial about the Fair. Animal sacrifice is experiential during the Fair outside the temple, Kaila Devi. Some of the most influential Rajput dynasties Khinchis, princes of Karauli and Kaila Devi Festival Yadavas, regard Kaila Devi as their guardian divinity. Meenas and few members of other scheduled castes are in the middle of the principal devotees of Kaila Devi today.

Each year the fair start from Chaitra Budi in the month of March to April. Kaila Devi is flooded with devoted pilgrims. Devotees never come empty-handed. They bring coconuts, cash, kajal , tikki (vermilion), bangles and sweets to offer the Goddess. The temple stands atop Trikut hill at the banks of River Kalisil, just mere 2 kms to the north-west of Kaila village. The whole area has a spiritual and historical feeling about it. The village was named after a sadhu called Kedar Giri who lived on the banks of the river. During the Rajput period, the area acquired vast popularity for its holiness.

It makes the Fair lively with the native dance of groups of Mina tribesmen. They create a lively atmosphere by their gaiety- singing and dancing. The spacious courtyard of the temple reverberates with the songs and footsteps of dancers singing in praise of the deities.

Completing the whole festivity environment are numerous merry little shops set up by traders to sell variety of native products such as handicraft articles, colourful bangles, and decorative show-pieces. The culture of Rajasthan is outstanding during Kaila Devi Fair. Thousands stream in to offer their prayers and gifts while native tribesmen entertain with their jollity dance and songs.